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26 February 2010 No Comment

I suppose it’s only prudent that the first post on a site purporting to explain everything should probably explain why we’d choose to do so in the first place. For those unfamiliar with us, we’re a small, loose-knit group of individuals who like experimenting with things (hardware, software, and everything in between) and documenting the results.

The guys who cover a soda can in 200 LEDs and then try to drink it before the tiny battery goes flat? That’s us. The guys who take apart Sega Dreamcasts and then name the hapless consoles after porn stars? Guilty as charged.

We started this site many, many years ago. Truth be told, it started life as a Hacker’s mail-order – supporting myself as best I could by selling off things I’d found for well below their worth at flea markets and things I’d found in garbage cans. Things that other hackers like myself might find interesting to play with.

When things improved financially and I no longer had to resort to going through trash, we turned the site into a clearing house for all manner of articles on just about any topic available. We built up quite an array of articles, many of which we hope to clean up and put back at some point.

One of the things we aimed to do, and have thus far managed to maintain, is to prevent our site from falling victim to advertising. For starters, there has, in it’s life time, been exactly one banner on the entire website – a big pat on the back for anyone loyal enough to tell us what it was for.

The rest of our advertising has been limited to text links – mainly to affiliate programs for things like eBay, where we’d link to stuff that was useful or otherwise interesting and get paid for it. Absolutely no weight as to the monetary rewards of a link was given, the links were either in a completely arbitrary order or they were in order of relevance.

We’re sticking to our guns at this stage, and we’re going to continue this trend: No outward advertising will be found on these pages for the foreseeable future.

The site’s been a little bit dormant lately, we’re hoping the revamp changes that. We’re making it easier on our authors, and hopefully we can turn out some quality content periodically in the future.

The first thing we’re going to be posting is mini-bios about the guys that make up the site, and then we’ll work on getting some great content up.

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