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Review: Logitech G330 Headset

23 March 2011 No Comment

Ever since I started using Ventrilo and Teamspeak waaaaaaaay back in the day, I’ve always just used my USB headset from my Playstation2. It was made by Logitech, and served me well on SOCOM and friends, so I thought it’d be fine on Vent. Fast forward almost four years later, and the dog has eaten it, it’s held together by duct-tape, and the output doesn’t work so I wear it around my neck while I use another pair of headphones.

So while we were doing our after-christmas-toy-shopping, I decided there needed to be room in the budget for a new headset. I ended up going with the Logitech g330, and here’s what I think after using them a few months with Mumble.

The good…

These things are comfortable. You’ll read that in almost every review, so allow me to elaborate a little bit. My old headphones (sans microphone) were also the behind-the-ear type, but that little over-ear strap to keep them from sliding down around your neck would start to make my ears ache after a while. I can literally wear these things for hours, and sometimes after everyone gets off Mumble I still have them on my head and I don’t notice.

They don’t echo. My old headset had it’s microphone boom made out of hard plastic – it was the bit that snapped and is held together with duct tape. I never really noticed it until I started using Mumble, but that hard plastic transmits vibrations from the headphone speaker, up the boom and back into the mic. The g330’s boom is made from the same shit as Gumby, and do you ever hear of people complaining about Gumby echoing? I didn’t think so.

They sound reasonable. Let’s be honest, they’re no Sennheisers, but they’re not awful. Apparently I sound a lot less “telephony” than I did before, but I’m not sure how much of that is because the mic is better and how much of it is due to the above-mentioned echo factor, and Mumble not trying to de-echo it.

They’re USB and 3.5mm. This was one of the selling points to me. I like to be able to use them on my PC as well as my PS3. When on my PC, I will generally use the sound card’s output because I think it sounds just a hint better than the USB, and it doesn’t disappear as a Windows device when I unplug the headset.

When I plug it into my PS3, I need a USB for the Microphone – but I probably don’t want to hear just the voice comms, I want to hear everything. Having headphones on and still using my TV’s speakers would put me at a huge disadvantage in an FPS. So I plug only the mic into the USB adapter, and the headphone plug into the TV. Bingo bango, best of both worlds.

The Bad…

They sound reasonable. I mean, this isn’t entirely bad, but I don’t want a reader to come away thinking these are the best sounding things ever. The fact they sit on your ear instead of around it doesn’t really help, I don’t think (and might be why I think even my cheap-ass older headphones sound marginally better on output).

The cable’s a bit short. Not a huge deal – it’s long enough that if your PC is on your desk, it’ll reach without you sitting all weird. If your PC is on the floor, you might have to do some re-arranging. Compared to the old PS2 Logitech headphones, with what seems like 10′ of cable, it’s a big difference. It’s non-trivial to use these things while sitting on a couch in front of a TV – you will likely want a USB extender or something similar – or you could upgrade to a wireless/Bluetooth headset.

The conclusion:

These were definitely a good buy, in my humble opinion. I’m not only a moderately-avid gamer, I also run a Mumble host… so naturally I use the shit out of these things, and I really have never had a situation where I wished I’d bought something better.

I bought mine at Best Buy for about $35, simply because I had to have them right then. If you check eBay, there are probably better deals – but be warned there are certainly much worse deals too ($75? Who the fuck are you kidding?).

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