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Low-pressure Spyder with Pure Energy Regulator

17 April 2010 No Comment

When I bought this el-cheapo regulator from a paintball shop, they said it wouldn’t really be suitable for low-pressure. Well, it turns out they’re wrong! According to the Pure Energy Vertical Inline Regulator manual, the default configuration is good from 550 to 900 PSI. Removal of a shim from inside the regulator body drops the adjustable range from 275 to 500 PSI – about the working range I’m thinking to be optimal for my low-pressure marker.

Pure Energy RegulatorRemoving the shim couldn’t be easier – shown in the picture to the left is my regulator, taken apart because my O-rings were bad. It’s not necessary to disassemble the bottom “swivel feed” of the regulator like I have, just remove it from your marker’s ASA, then grab the two sections shown in the photo and unscrew them apart. Note that the bottom potion “swivels” and if you’re trying to turn the regulator body in relation to the inlet tube you’ll get a whole lotta nowhere.

Once you have it in two pieces (there’s a spring in there but it shouldn’t shoot apart like a blow-back marker does when you take out the field-strip pin) remove the short, fat main spring. Underneath it, probably stuck to the piston is the shim. If it’s stuck, take something soft-ish like a pencil and push the piston out gently, then use something like an exacto-knife to separate the shim from the piston.

Pure Energy RegulatorTo the left, you can see the mainspring and the shim out of the regulator, and stuck together. You should be able to separate them with your fingers, the only thing that was holding them together on mine was the surface tension of the lubricant from inside the regulator. By the way, unless you’re planning on lubricating the regulator, try not to wipe off too much of the lubricant.

It should then just be a simple matter of putting everything but the shim back in the regulator the way you found it, and re-assembling your marker. You’ll have to play with the adjuster to get the pressure where you want it, I’m going to wait until my gauge and new springs get here before playing with it further, so expect another post in the near future.

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