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[21 Sep 2005 | No Comment | ]

Update: After years of sitting idle, and moving across about three or four different CMS systems, almost all of which decided to arbitrarily munge various portions of this code, I honestly have no idea if it works or not. I’d suggest giving it a shot, and consulting the manual frequently. My apologies for WordPress eating the white space, there’s not really much I can do about it.
Honestly, the programming examples on the official PostgreSQL website aren’t that bad. I just thought that I could write my own, and show …

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[15 Dec 2000 | No Comment | ]

This article is a re-print from DoJ Issue #10.
This text is supposed to explain the brainfuck language and its elegance. I hope to wake your interest in esoteric programming languages, such as intercal, dis, malbolge and befunge.
I will continue to use the word ‘brainfuck‘ and not something like ‘brainf*ck’. If you are too sensitive to stand foul language, then please ignore this article, though I would find that extremely ridiculous.
What is brainfuck?
Brainfuck is a programming language with only 8 commands, each one symbol, that …