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[17 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Low-pressure Spyder with Pure Energy Regulator

When I bought this el-cheapo regulator from a paintball shop, they said it wouldn’t really be suitable for low-pressure. Well, it turns out they’re wrong! According to the Pure Energy Vertical Inline Regulator manual, the default configuration is good from 550 to 900 PSI. Removal of a shim from inside the regulator body drops the adjustable range from 275 to 500 PSI – about the working range I’m thinking to be optimal for my low-pressure marker.
Removing the shim couldn’t be easier – shown in the picture to the left is …

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[20 Jul 2005 | No Comment | ]
Moo-Trigger: DIY Electronic Trigger Board

We started this project as a way to soup-up the internals of a Spyder electronic trigger frame, without having to buy someone else’s invention… e.g., T-board and like replacement boards. If you’re not interested in the nuts and bolts of making triggers work, buying a T-Board or a Virtue Board is probably going to be cheaper and less aggravating.

However, if you want to get your hands dirty, you like programming and soldering, and want the ultimate in customization ability… then this article might just be for you.