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I suppose it’s only prudent that the first post on a site purporting to explain everything should probably explain why we’d choose to do so in the first place. For those unfamiliar with us, we’re a small, loose-knit group of individuals who like experimenting with things (hardware, software, and everything in between) and documenting the results.
The guys who cover a soda can in 200 LEDs and then try to drink it before the tiny battery goes flat? That’s us. The guys who take apart Sega Dreamcasts and then name the …

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[4 Sep 2011 | One Comment | ]
Our DSL Modem was overheating…

Every summer, without fail, our DSL likes to drop on hot evenings.
I even bought another modem at a yard sale, thinking that maybe ours was on the fritz – but no… same M.O.: laggy/lossy connection, then no connection, go downstairs and the modem’s really hot to the touch. It probably doesn’t help that it’s in a small closet under our stairs with the router and everything else, but even if we keep the door open with a box fan blowing in there it still does it.
As I was throwing away …

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Ever since I started using Ventrilo and Teamspeak waaaaaaaay back in the day, I’ve always just used my USB headset from my Playstation2. It was made by Logitech, and served me well on SOCOM and friends, so I thought it’d be fine on Vent. Fast forward almost four years later, and the dog has eaten it, it’s held together by duct-tape, and the output doesn’t work so I wear it around my neck while I use another pair of headphones.
So while we were doing our after-christmas-toy-shopping, I decided there needed …

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[26 Sep 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
FreeBSD on Linode

Judging from the Google search results, this is a pretty hot-button issue… there are plenty of claims it works, but no one wants to say how it’s done. What follows is a rough essay taken directly from my notes, which was repeated multiple times so I believe I got all the kinks out of it, and ended up with a “working” FreeBSD 8.1-R i386 installation on a Linode. I say “working” because it has a tendency to crash under heavy load – there’s clearly still much work to be done …

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Buggy Digital Volume Controls

My Yamaha HTR-5540 has one of those digital volume controls on it… the kind that if it’s off, you can keep turning it. The last couple years it’s started doing this thing where I’d be turning it down and it’d go +1-1+2-1+1-1+2-1. The net result after volume spasming is an increase in volume – not really what you want at the time.
I decided to take it apart and try and clean the “pot” – it’s not really a potentiometer, but that’s what many people would call it anyway and cleaning …

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Fixing an Office Chair

Where the hell do I put this?
Anyone that knows me knows I’m basically a hop skip and a jump from a clinical hoarding dysfunction – okay it’s probably not that bad, I really only tend to hang onto things I feel might be useful some day. It’s worked out pretty good, because that’s how most of this site came to be.
For some reason, I held onto an office chair that had the wheel broken off of it somehow. Don’t ask why, I probably won’t tell. Anyway, while reaching behind her, …